We started using BIM (Building Information Modeling) 3D project-based digital models.

The BIM 3D model consists of BIM building blocks that serve as basis for generating all visualizations, animations and analyzes (coordination of all types of works, inventory in preset parts, 4D generation, 5D construction simulations, building verification, object maintenance and more).

The advantages of 3D modeling:

  • Intelligent 3D model (pipe fittings, steel structure, cable tray)
  • use of standardized piping elements
  • conflict control of equipment and installations
  • accurate 2D drawings of objects
  • accurate isometries of pipe connections (material inventory)
  • 3D walk through the model
  • visualization
  • quick start-finish time
  • reduced possibility of errors

An intelligent 3D model makes the object simple and realistic. It helps us to detect and eliminate errors, that would be discovered in the classic 2D model, only on site.

New facility models are used to produce project documentation, build and maintain the facility.

The 3D model can be equipped with materials and quickly produce attractive representations of exterior and interior. Visualization increases the possibility of realization.